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MBE Review: Call me Cutie

A Transformation Erotica with missed opportunity.

After a long time of not posting anything to this site, which was entirely my own fault (I get too easily distracted), it is time to go back to the older days of reviewing a micro book erotica or as I have decided to call them MBEs. For today’s review, I am taking a look at an old friend of mine’s newest story Call Me Cutie by Ava Stirling.

Now, I know what you are thinking.

“This is the fourth book that you are reviewing by Ava Stirling. Aren’t you going to review anything else?”

Truth be told, I enjoy reading her stories and I think that she is a great writer, who can create some funny and surprisingly sensual ideas for stories. But if it makes people feel better, I am currently trying to read a few different books that will be used for future reviews. But enough said, let’s get to the review.

Call Me Cutie would follow the story of Katie, an office worker who grows tired of seeing other women using sex appeal to get what they want while she tries to tell herself that she is comfortable with her own body when all she really wants is to be like one of them. In a sense, I like the idea considering that there are a lot of people who wish that they could look like the a certain ideal but struggle either physically or mentally trying to achieve it. What follows afterwards is the what happens every time someone decides to change their life for the better, a Google search.

How can I make myself into a hot woman? were the words she wrote across the screen, and although it seemed silly, she clicked to begin the search. The results were what she’d expected: advertisements for makeup and weight loss.

Typical with most Ad-driven search engines.

She eventually comes across a website that provides her with a mantra to become the ‘slut’ that she wants to be, all in the time that it takes to cook a quick dinner and a good night’s sleep. She reluctantly takes part in the repetitious manta that would make most SJWs foam at the mouth with anger and the next morning, she finds herself physically and mentally transformed into a beautiful blonde woman with a new wardrobe.

Now for me, this is the largest problem with the story. The change is too instantaneous which derives the story of some interesting character development and humor. It would have been interesting to see slowly becoming the bimbo she wanted to be for example, if she was talking and she accidentally blurted out a nonsensical giggle or woke up one morning and her hair was changed. It could have created a Jekyll/Hyde narrative of sexiness which could have made the story stand out more than some of the other transformation stories out there.

Another problem with this section would be that she finds that not only website disappears but she has a new wardrobe complete with matching red satin bra and panties. I feel that this creates more questions for the reader and brings them out of the story, which could be potentially detrimental to the story.

Katie eventually decides to call herself ‘Cutie’ when she meets a handsome lawyer named Paul who takes her out to dinner. From there, it is the birds and bees that is traditionally expected with MBEs.

As with her other work, Ava’s writing is stellar with relatable characters and a steamy scene at the end of the story. While the story has its flaws and could have been a more fleshed out story that explored Katie’s transformation into the sex symbol she wanted to be, it is still a good afternoon read and one I would recommend.

Call Me Cutie is available now on Amazon for sale. If you want to check out the other stories that Ava has, feel free to check out her website for other stories of the erotic persuasion.

Time for a personal plug, Road Trip of the Damned is now available for sale in both paperback and Ebook on Amazon, so feel free to check it out.

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