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Micro Review: The Invisible Girl’s First Time: Not What it Appears to Be. (NSFW/Spoilers)

Guess what time it is? Micro-Book Erotica time! No, in all seriousness, today’s review is something special. After a recent conversation with fellow blogger and author Ava Stirling, she has given me a copy of her most recent release The Invisible Girl’s First Time to review for the blog. So thank you Ava for this. After reading the entirety of the MBE, I was thoroughly surprised at what I had just read, but I will get to that soon enough.

About the Author

     A voracious reader, Ava Stirling enjoys several genres of books, but she keeps finding herself returning to erotica. She believes that erotica deserves decent characters, a notable plot and decent editing. Her previous works would include Her Last Fling and Ravished by the Boss (Both are available on Amazon for your reading pleasure).

The Writing Style

Yes, I am dancing like a Japanese schoolgirl on the inside.

Yes, I am dancing like a Japanese schoolgirl on the inside.

      The first thing that I notice about Ava Stirling’s writing style is that unlike other MBEs that I have reviewed, she did NOT capitalize the first few words of the beginning of the book which has always been a pet peeve of mine. So, on behalf of the readers of the world and myself, thank you.

The writing style of the book is impressive as the author avoids the traditional problems that some authors face when they write in the first person perspective. Ava Stirling has written the story in a cohesive way that makes it easy for any reader to follow and to keep a focus on the plot of the story. I also have to admit that I chuckled at one or two moments of Ava’s writing such as when Jenny has to stop herself from becoming aroused by thinking of un-sexy things such as her cellphone bill and nuns.

The Characters

     The primary focus of this story would be on a young woman by the name of Jenny, who discovers that she has the ability to become invisible whenever she is sexually aroused. Despite being in a MBE, Jenny is actually a well rounded and developed character. While she has the ability to become invisible, it does not become her identity. To her, it’s more of an annoyance at first rather than a boon and it makes her nervous to be adventurous as it could go off at the worst possible time. I found that she was also easier to relate to as a character as she expresses how she is nervous about signing up for college, almost scared of what her future could be. That is something that a lot of younger people actually experience and think about which ultimately makes the character more likable in my opinion.

     Her love interest for this MBE would be a young man named Nick Hannett, who has returned for a short college break. While this character lacks dialogue, in this scenario it is not really necessary. His role for the story would be the unrequited love interest who never noticed Jenny and nothing more.

The Story-Line

Actually a great comic for anyone to read. Okay, not kids. Definitely not kids.

Actually a great comic for anyone to read. Okay, not kids. Definitely not kids.

 Oddly enough when I first read this story, the first thing that came to mind was Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s well-renowned comic Sex CriminalsThe basis for this comic is that a man and a woman (Suzie & Jon) discover that whenever they achieve an orgasm, they have the ability to freeze time temporarily and use their new-found power to rob a bank in order to save Suzie’s library.

How does this relate to the Micro-Book at hand? Well, as I mentioned before, Jenny’s power to become invisible when she is sexually aroused is a similar concept. But what I like about this story is that while Jenny has the ability to become invisible, she does not use it to commit crimes such as robbing a bank. If the author had decided for the main character to use her abilities for crime in this story, I felt that the end product could have been entirely different and not for the better.

I would also like how this story is from the female perspective rather than the male perspective. With stories that are often have men who gain the power of invisibility, they fall under an almost predicable pattern. One example of the predictability that is found with this, especially in erotica, would be the male gets the power of invisibility and uses it to spy on women in the nude. By writing the protagonist as a female, those archetypes are thrown out the window and allows the reader to have something that is the constant basis for many a story.

 The story for this MBE would follow Jenny who after she learns that her high-school crush Nick Hannett is back in town for a short college break, she decides to use it as an opportunity to lose her virginity with the use of her invisibility. The story actually is steady and surprising in the means of not following the traditional archetypes that would be commonly associated with these kinds of stories. At one scene, I was expecting Jenny to do one thing, but she did another action entirely which actually helped build the anticipation for the actual sex later.

The Depicted Sex

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

     What I found to be surprising about the sex in this MBE was that it did not go as I thought it would. During one scene, Jenny catches Nick in the act of masturbation and enters his room to watch him. For those who are familiar with the invisibility trope that is seen in erotica and some H Movies, the person who is invisible (Jenny) is often caught by the person who they are watching (Nick) and from there, they engage in consensual sex. But Ava Stirling decided to go down a different route by having Jenny masturbate instead and leave after the first encounter. This actually gives the reader a little taste of what is to come shortly, making them want more. It is only later that Jenny decides to have sex with Nick while he is unconscious. Again, I like what she has done here because it is a depiction of role reversal. More often in erotica, men are using women as their toys for their sexual pleasure, but this is actually a nice change of pace.

     I would also like how the story describes the growing tension when Jenny prepares to lose her virginity. She doesn’t rush or try anything outlandish in an attempt to replicate something she saw in a movie. She takes her time and mentally prepares herself for the carnal act.


     I will be honest, I enjoyed this MBE. Ava Stirling has created a story that refuses the traditional archetypes that are commonly seen with other stories and made something that many would consider very original. Her protagonist is a well developed character who I could believe is actually a real person with her mannerisms and her opinions.

     During my past reviews of Micro Book Erotica, I have actually ripped those books a new one because of their writing and poorly written characters. But I honestly can’t say anything bad about this. This is a great story and I would happily read a sequel to this if Ava Stirling wrote a followup of Jenny and her future use of her abilities in and out of the bedroom.

If you want to check out Ava Stirling’s website, feel free to check it out here.

The Invisible Girl’s First Time is available on Amazon for 99 cents.

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