Published Works

Science Fiction

Experiment Twenty Six

Experiment Twenty Six

 Experiment Twenty Six

Synopsis: Break in, extract the information, and get out without a trace. This is the mantra of Aiden Corsaige and Jason Kelly, two corporate spies that are known for their expertise and efficiency. However; on what was to be a routine assignment, they find what has been considered the impossible, the first genetically engineered human. Now the unlikely guardians of an highly intelligent little girl, they find themselves trying to escape the persecution of Cherub Pharmaceuticals.


Dead Boys

The high definition cover of 'Dead Boys' created by Hoang Viet Anh. Check out his portfolio on Deviant Art.

The high definition cover of ‘Dead Boys’ created by Hoang Viet Anh.

Synopsis: Humanity perceives the afterlife differently. For some, we transcend to Heaven, while to others we are reincarnated as a living being. Marcus and Virgil, two young men soon realize that death is not as relaxing as they thought it would be. As they agree to work for Heaven and Hell in order to be forgiven for their sins, they soon learn that they have their work cut out for them as the threat of war hangs overhead.

                   Road Trip of the Damned      

Book CoverSynopsis: The United States is in ruin; the undead have forced the remnants of humanity into hiding in makeshift settlements. The last hope for humanity to find a cure is a college aged smart-ass.
Three soldiers will make a deal that will take them cross country in order to get the cure for the plague of the twenty-first century. Along the way, they will face off with semi-intelligent zombies, religious cults and zombie bears.

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