Insights and Weird Thoughts

Just off the top of my head.

An Observation in Human Nature

Squirrels: Nature’s little Emos?

Sources of Inspiration

Weird Thoughts: An Internet Musical? (NSFW)

Toying with Social Media: The Misadventures Part one

Toying with Social Media: The Misadventures Part Two

Opinion Pieces

Live Action Movie Adaptations

Need a Light?

Erotica: An Opinion Piece (NSFW)

The Educational Exodus: An Opinion Piece.

Thoughts about Twerking (NSFW)

I’m Back/Male Depression

Are the Fifties and Sixties coming back? You bet Jack.

A Stepping Stone in the Right Direction

Are Zombies Officially Played Out?

Continuing Stories in Animated Shows: Is it Disappearing?

Giving Old Books a New Home

Is 2D Animation Coming to an End?

What will be the Next YA Mania?

In Defense of Zamii070; A Call against the Rising Social Justice Warriors (NSFW/Controversial)

Honesty: A Double Edged Sword

Missed Opportunities

An Insult to Camp: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake


Is Everyone Overreacting to Beauty and the Beast?

Writing Suggestions

Creating a Psychopathic Character

Portraying Religious Icons in a Comedic Light (NSFW/Controversal)

Meta-Fiction and Meta-Humor: When and Where to Break the Fourth Wall

Writing Taboos: Is there anything off limits?

YA Romance and Why it Needs to Change (Video Editorial)

Could it Be Remade?

Metropolis (1927)

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