Book and Movie Reviews

Full Length Books

  1. Dead Charming by Ian Jackson. Available on Amazon here. (Contains some Spoilers) – Thriller/Suspense
  2. Fifty Shades of Chicken by F.L Fowler. Available on Amazon here. – Cookbook. (NSFW?)
  3. Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies by James Marshall. Available on Amazon. – (NSFW) Dark Comedy/horror
  4. The Apocalyptic Pied Piper by Mickey McClain. Available on Amazon. – Modern Fairy-tale/Folklore/Apocalyptic
  5. The Time Table Book One by NJ Rayner. Available on Amazon. – Young Adult/Fantasy
  6. Sand Fall by Neil Mosspark. Available on Amazon. – (Spoilers) Science Fiction
  7. Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End of the Word by Haruki Murakami. Available on Amazon. (Spoilers) – Surrealistic Cyberpunk.
  8. Alice by Christina Henry. Available on Amazon (Spoilers) – Modern Rendition/Surrealist Horror
  9. They Eat Puppies, Don’t They? by Christopher Buckley. Available on Amazon. (Spoilers) – Political Satire
  10. In the Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed by Ross Patterson. Available on Amazon. (Spoilers/NSFW). -Western/Romance Satire
  11. Empress Theresa by Norman Boutin. Available on Amazon. – Fantasy/Young Adult? (NSFW) Video Review
  12. Brains: A Zombie Memoir by Robin Z. Becker. Available on Amazon – Zombie/Comedy
  13. The N-Body Problem by Tony Burgess. Available on Amazon – Horror/Splatterpunk (NSFW)
  14. Absolute Liberation: A Journey to Emotional and Financial Freedom by Gurpreet Kang. Available on Amazon – Self Help.
  15. Gestapo Mars by Victor Gischler. Available on Amazon – Science Fiction/Satire (NSFW).
  16. Driving Grandpa by John Redstand. Available on Amazon – Slice of Life/Fiction
  17. Drake by Peter McLean. Available on Amazon – Fiction/Supernatural Noir
  18. Two Years, Eight Months & Twenty Eight Nights by Sir Salman Rushdie. – Fiction

Micro Reviews

  1. The T-Girl Next Door (T-Girls Encounters) by Marlene Sexton. Available on Amazon here. (Contains Spoilers)- Transgender Erotica. (NSFW)
  2. Ghost in the Coffee Machine by Charity Tahmaseb. Available on Amazon here (Contains Spoilers).
  3. The Panty Whisperer Vol. 1 by Sloane Howell. Available on Amazon here. (NSFW)
  4. The Invisible Girl’s First Time by Ava Stirling. Available on Amazon here.  (NSFW)(Contains Spoilers)
  5. His: A Billionaire Romance by Glenna Sinclair. Available on Amazon here. (NSFW).
  6. In the Velociraptor’s Nest by Christie Sims. Available on Amazon here. (NSFW)
  7. The Invisible Girl’s Peep Show by Ava Stirling. Available on Amazon. (NSFW)
  8. The Billionaire’s New Toy by Ava Stirling. Available on Amazon (NSFW)
  9. Call me Cutie by Ava Stirling. Available on Amazon (NSFW)

Book Comparisons

  1. Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games.

Movie Reviews

  1. The Great Wall (2016)

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  1. Sure, I’d appreciate a review. There’s a contact me tab on my site. Drop me a line there (as I’m not spotting one here for yours) and I’ll arrange for it to be sent to you. : )


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