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Tutorial: Driving Another Author Insane.

Or how I learned to make a friend turn to possible drinking.

This is less of a tutorial and more of a warning. As some people might know, one of the projects I am working on is Road Trip of the Damned, a zombie fiction novel. But instead of doing the smart thing and sending to a paid editor, I asked a friend of mine and fellow author Alex Hansen to read it and give me his thoughts about it. To say that I think that it could have been too much for him, might have been an understatement.

Within the 326 pages of the beta copy of the novel I gave him, there were 794 comments throughout the document, which I presume over two hundred of them were ‘Period should be a comma‘.

Wow…just wow…

I know that I am not that great of a writer, but almost 800 things to be fixed with a lot of them telling me to fix a common error in writing.

As I work on this, I feel horrible for doing to this to Alex, I could almost envision him; sitting at his computer, staring at the bright white screen as he fought the urge to scream at the top of his lungs “F***ing Commas!”. If I wasn’t in China, I would send him a bottle of wine with a red tag on it with ‘Sorry’ written on it.

So, while I fix this novel before sending to an editor, let me just say this. Respect the people who look over your work. They do a lot for authors and should be appreciated. If another author looks over your novel, look over their novel or do something nice for them.


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