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Micro Review: The Invisible Girl’s Peep Show

As promised, the first post I am coming back with is a review of the ever seductive Ava Stirling’s sequel of The Invisible Girl’s First Time, entitled The Invisible Girl’s Peep Show. A special thanks to Ava for giving me a review copy of the book, which I didn’t realize for a while thanks to the Great Firewall. But you didn’t come here to hear me complain about my connection issues, you are here for a review. With that said, let’s get started.

The Story

The story of The Invisible Girl’s Peep Show would once again follow Jenny, the sexually awakened girl with the powers of invisibility she hates to use, as she now heads into college, lava lamps in hand for a new adventure. Upon reaching her new dorm room, she meets Calvin, the cute local boy who invites her to a party and Sierra, her lush roommate that is hiding a thing or two. As Jenny prepares to go to the party, she realizes that her hands are dry and remembered the rose scented lotion that her roommate had. Upon entering the room, she realizes that Sierra is more ‘adventurous’ than her and that she is bringing a girl in. Now stuck in a room with two women beginning to get it on, Jenny has to stay aroused in order not to be noticed.

Story-wise, it holds up, there is no question about that. But I would have to mention that there are some story elements that feel under appreciated. For example, Jenny finding all of the toys inside of Sierra’s drawer. They aren’t used in the story at all, despite what you initially might think. Maybe it is foreshadowing for the sequel that might come or it could be mcguffin.

The Characters

Jenny, the invisible girl you love is back in this story, but I feel that she doesn’t have some of the original snark and humor that made her stand out in the original. Her invisibility and what she has to deal with is played down in this story, which I wish was more looked into. It would have been great if she tried to master her invisibility or was learning to suppress it during her sexual urges. The other characters are to say the least, under utilized in this story. I know it must be annoying to keep reading, ‘in the first book’ but I feel that these are important points. While in the first book, the attention is focused on just Jenny and Nick. But here, because there are more characters, there is less of a centralized focus, characters like Calvin are almost pushed aside.

The Writing

With the writing of this story, I have to admit that I liked the first one better. It’s just with the first story, some of Jenny’s thoughts and comments were funny and kept me more invested with her character. Here, it is almost too reliant on the ‘girl who discovers that she might not be straight’ trope that is commonly seen in literature and movies. Don’t get me wrong, as a man, I enjoy this trope. But with the original, it felt fresh and different. Another point I would have to mention is the ending, which while it doesn’t sequel bait like some MRE’s I have read, it does feel like it ends abruptly.

The Conclusion

So, what can be said about the sequel to The Invisible Girl’s First Time? While it provides a stable follow up to the original, it doesn’t have the same spark that the original did. While Jenny’s invisibility provided a means of sexual liberation in the first, it is downplayed in this one to the extent that she could have hidden in the closet and the outcome would have been the same.

Ava, I think you can be an amazing author, but this felt a little too safe and read like other MRE’s that are in the market already. For the sequel, I hope that you try to recapture the original spark of the first novel.

You can find The Invisible Girl’s Peep Show on Amazon. If you want to see more of Ava Stirling’s work (which you do) , check out her website.

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