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A Game for Authors

*Alcohol May or May Not be Included.

The other night, I was playing a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity (a game that can make and break relationships) and a weird thought came to me as as I was answering the question, Why can’t I sleep tonight?, with Morgan Freeman’s Voice. I have to ask, why isn’t there a game for authors to play where we can test our writing minds?

Think about it; what if there was a game where an author(s) had to challenge another author to come up with a story based on what they came up with? I think that it would be a difficult, fun, and  creative game to see if a person could create a story based on a specific scenario no matter how out there, bizarre or f***ed up it could be.

An example would be if I challenged another author to write a story about the following: A short story about a serial killer who kills people in a banana costume without the use of sexual innuendos.

But still, just a weird thought.

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