Toying with Social Media: The Misadventures

Here we go, the first post of 2016. Hope you enjoy it.

Social Media: In this day and age, it is can be a powerful tool for not only communication, but unifying people for common causes whether if it is charity or politics. But while it can be use for great things, it is just like any tool and can be used incorrectly as well. This would be one of my many and oddly true misadventures using social media.

I was using Twitter the other night, browsing through what was currently trending and saw on the right of my screen the hashtag ‘#ResistCapitalism‘. To tell you the truth, I should have been smart enough to know to stay away from this and look up cat pictures instead, but curiosity got the best of me. Clicking on the link, I found an assortment of different tweets and messages ranging from Do you like bananas? Because capitalism is how you get bananas. to Capitalism’s contributions to the world: Poverty War Disease Racism Colonialism Idolism Dollarism Greed Corruption. I had no idea what exactly brought this on or what might have caused this to start trending, but I did something that I probably should not have done; I asked what was going on.

I posted a tweet with the message ‘Ok, I have to ask; where did the #ResistCapitalism come from? Do people actually believe this or is everyone going on a objectivist kick?‘ and some of the responses I got were unbelievable. One person explained it to me as some people just making noise, another person said that it was part of a movement to make a socialist America. The conversation I had with one of the people who tweeted me back actually backfired like I would not believe. Take a look.

Twitter conversation

Of all the people, in all the internet, I managed to offer a night of drinking to a guy coming to Florida

Yeah, what meant to be a peaceful way to end the conversation actually turned into an invitation for drinks. Statistically, what are the bleeping odds that I would find someone who was actually coming to Florida? There is no way to describe the feeling of awkwardness that actually came from reading that response. Though I should honestly feel bad because I just cut the conversation after that one point because I really didn’t think that it could actually happen that a random person on Twitter would take me up on an offer for drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I have met people off of the internet before, but this…i did not see this coming.

So, what’s the lesson boys and girls? Be careful of what you say on social media, because you never know someone’s vacation plans until it is too late.

Before I go, i have two quick updates. The first being is that in the near future, the posts for the website might be less frequent because I am going to be traveling overseas for a career, but I will try my best to keep the site updated. The second thing would be that I am again looking for people to review one of my books, Dead Boys. If you want a free read, I will send you a copy in the format of your choosing (ie; EBook, PDF, etc.). So, if you are interested, please leave a message in the comment box below. Toodles.



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