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In Defense of Zamii070; A Call against the Rising ‘Social Justice Warriors’.

Fair warning: This post is more or less a rant of outrage, so if you don’t want to read it, please click out of it. There will be uncensored swearing in this post. I’m sorry, but I am not censoring myself today.

I know that this is not what i usually talk about on the website and it is probably as far away as it could be from my jurisdiction as could be, but it has to be talked about. I also realize that by discussing this, I would not only be stirring the proverbial ‘shit-pot’, but potentially adding to it. Today, I am going to discuss my honest hatred of the rising group of individuals known as ‘Social Justice Warriors’ or SJWs.

In recent news, an active Tumblr user and artist/animator named ‘Zamii070‘ who was recently called out and accused of promoting not only racism, but transphobia and ‘fat-shaming’ through her fan art for the animated show Steven Universe. The amount of negative feedback that she had received from people accusing her of promoting bigotry caused her to attempt to commit suicide, resulting hospitalization. Let me ask you something, what item in this photo ‘offends’ you so much that you have to berate a young woman to a near suicide? Even the creators on the show had spoken out against the treatment that Zamii070 was given. I had gone through Zamii070’s Deviant Art page and looked at her artwork, and I saw nothing that can be considered overtly offensive (Though i have seen fan-art on the internet that was just cringe-worthy).

The art that promotes bigotry.

The art that promotes bigotry.

This isn’t the first time that the overwhelming pressure of the online ‘social justice warriors’ have personally affected individuals and their lives. In mid November 2014, shortly after the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta Mission where they were able to land a lander module called the Philae on the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, British scientist Dr. Matt Taylor was accused of misogyny because of his shirt which was covered in images of cartoon women. He would have to give a televised apology for wearing a shirt that a friend made for his birthday and he broke down into tears. There are people out there that wear shirts that say ‘Barbecue Baghdad’ and call women ‘cunts’, but a shirt with cartoon women on it is incredibly offensive. Where does it end?

I will be perfectly clear when I say this; the people who sit at their computers and accuse people of promoting some sort of hatred are NOT social justice warriors and they are not doing anything to better society. Do you know who are the true social justice warriors? I will tell you; Rosa Parks, Harvey Milk, even Seth Rogen. Yes, I fucking went there. Seth Rogen, the comedian and actor is more of a social justice warrior than half of the people who claim that they are trying to put an end to some sort of bigotry. He actually went before the Senate and made a case to why there needs to be more research towards Alzheimer’s disease. That actually helps create awareness and helping bring an issue into light. He didn’t accuse anyone of being a bigot or a racist, he made a clear statement of why the issue of mental illness should be addressed. He actually talks about the social stigma that is involved with the disease.

If a person wants to actually be a ‘social justice warrior’, then go out and actually raise awareness about an issue; volunteer at an organization that strives for social equality, try to help a family in need, get politically involved towards something that you feel is important. Don’t create a fucking mob and aim it towards people who don’t deserve it. I also have to point out that getting offended by the smallest things is not going to help your cause, it is only going to make it worse. Let’s take for example the practice of ‘Fat-Shaming’, which is defined as an act of bullying, singling out, discriminating, or making fun of a fat person. Zamii070 was accused of ‘fat-shaming’ by drawing certain characters who skinnier than what they were depicted as on their shows. Let me say, that is not fat-shaming. It isn’t even close. What she did was create her own visualization of the character, she wasn’t trying to promote unhealthy weight loss or insult fat people, that’s just how she wanted to draw the characters. You know what actual fat-shaming is? It is someone telling a fat person to put down the fork or telling them that they are disgusting and ugly. It is not what an artist draws or what some magazine displays on their cover, it is what the person says. Another point to bring up, social justice warriors are focused on this fan art, but not the rampant amounts of Rule 34 images depicting children that are clearly underage having sex? What kind of fucked up double standard is that?

Zamii070, I want to apologize for the harm that these people have caused you and I hope that you continue to create artwork. I believe that you have an amazing talent and you should not let people tell you to stop creating art.

To everyone else, I ask that you check out Zamii070’s Deviant Art page and Tumblr, and show her support in this time.

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