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Micro Review: His: A Billionaire Romance

His: A Billionaire Romance is the first part of a three book romance that honestly feels too predictable in relation to other romantic literature that has been released before. While I give the author Glenna Sinclair credit for trying to create an original story over the course of 68 pages, there are hardly any surprises to keep the reader going.
The story would follow Ana Martinez, a kindergarten teacher who agrees to be a surrogate for the ‘billionaire’ director Nicolas Costas and his wife Aurora in order to pay for her mother’s chemotherapy. Though after a series of unfortunate events including the death of Aurora, Ana is confronted in her apartment by Nicolas. As she is bound by a legal contract, she reluctantly agrees to return to Los Angeles with him and give birth there. While the story does show some variation by having the characters dealing with pregnancy rather than the initial meeting and what follows after, the story was lackluster and I had a difficult time actually being interested in what happens to the characters. I will admit though that I was moderately surprised at two or three moments in the story, but it is hardly enough to keep the reader invested, even with what happens in the end.
Speaking of the characters, it is almost sad to say that they were almost cookie cutter from every other romance novel with nothing interesting to offer. Ana is the stereotypical young woman who is naïve and feels that she can do no wrong, loves children, and wants to be a good mother. She is this micro-novel’s equivalent of a Mary Sue or Marianismo, who is an over idealized and one dimensional character that celebrates virtues such as morality and purity. I mean, I want a romance novelist to write a female character that isn’t afraid to throw a punch or curse someone out, not reluctantly agree to whatever the man says. Nicolas Costas, the ‘billionaire director’ is not any better either. From the moment he is first mentioned in the book, the reader immediately thinks ‘broody and bipolar millionaire/billionaire who has a troubled past but has redeeming features’. I dare you to read a few pages that mention Nicolas and not say “This is clearly Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series”. This is an annoying trend in romantic novels that needs to honestly stop, not every person with wealth is like this. The other characters such as Aurora and Kelly are honestly forgettable despite how Ana describes them in the book.
In this micro-novel, there are two sex scenes which honestly could have been seen pages ahead of time, once when they are in Ana’s apartment and later in Nicolas’s mansion. While these scenes are moderately sensual, they are reliant on Ana’s lack of experience and increased desires for sex due to pregnancy. Again, these scenes are cookie cutter from every other romance novel that has been released in the past twenty years.
To Glenna Sinclair’s credit, she does try to take an unconventional route by focusing on a surrogate mother in this story, but she needs to focus on creating more fleshed out characters that the readers would actually care about at the end of the story. While I would suggest this to someone who wants a quick read, I would not tell them that it is a spectacular read.

If you want to check out His: A Billionaire Romance, it is available on Amazon.

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