Giving Old Books a New Home

I will openly admit that I love old books. I love the yellowed pages, the scribbling that readers before me had left to remember notes, and the musty smell that is often overlooked. I think that it is a great thing if you can own a book that is over fifty years old and hold it in your hands. It is a glimpse back into the old days of writing before everything became available for download.

Living in Maryland, I used to go to this bookstore in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore called The Book Escape, where hundreds of books, both old and new could be found. While I was shopping one day, I actually found a hard bound copy of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy that was printed in 1932. I was amazed that the book was in perfect condition, but was saddened by the price sticker slapped on the book. The owner only wanted three dollars for the book, much less than it was actually worth.

But I find it sad that there are books out there that are decades old and in perfect condition that are tossed out or given away to places where they will not be treated with the same amount of dignity. I have to ask, why? Why get rid of perfectly good books? By throwing away books despite their age, you are throwing away knowledge and insight. I think that it is shameful to throw away these old books.

If you find an older book that was cast aside, please give it the home it deserves.

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