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Far Cry Four Fan-fiction—Chapter Two: Shooting in the Valley

Here is the next chapter in the Far Cry Fan-fiction that I am currently working on as a side project. I know it is a little short, but college has been taking up my time. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter Two: Shooting in the Valley.

Ajay and Pagan traveled for a half hour in the helicopter over the valleys of Northern Kyrat. Ajay glanced out the window, looking out to the grassy knolls below him as he contemplated what to say.
“So, what now?” He asked, looking at Pagan with mixed expectations.
“Well Ajay, it is up to you. In no means am I going to hold you here against your will, but it’s your choice if you decide to stay. All I want is to spend some time with you, learn what my son has been doing for the past twenty four years.” Pagan answered truthfully.
It both startled and relieved Ajay to hear that Pagan had no intentions of harming him, but he was concerned with how Pagan called him his ‘son’. He never knew either Mohan Ghale or Pagan Min for an extended period of time, but he did not know if he would be quick to call Pagan his ‘father’.
The helicopter slowed down as it prepared to land in one of the valleys, the force of the blades pushed the tall grasses back as the transport hit the ground. One of the pilots stepped out from his seat, running to the side to open the doorway for Ajay and Pagan. Just as before, Pagan was the first to step out of the helicopter.
“Thank you Prem. Is everything all set up?” He asked the soldier.
“Everything has been set up for you and the American Glorious Leader.” The solder replied.
“That American is my son, so if you don’t want to be the demon fishes’ lunch, you will address him as such. Do you understand me?” Pagan asked as he glared menacingly into the soldier’s eyes.
“I understand sir.” The soldier replied as Ajay stepped out of the helicopter to survey the area around him.
To the south of him, there was a dense forest that extended for what seemed to be over a mile. On the top of the hill to the right of them, there was another gravel road, where three soldiers are lined up as they kept a watchful eye over them. To the front of the helicopter, several paper targets are set up in the field, spread apart from each other. Close by to them, there is a lone wooden table standing in the middle of the tall grass, covered with various guns of different sizes.
“What are we doing here?” Ajay asked. Pagan put his thin hand to his head, shaking it at the question.
“My boy, we are here to shoot some guns. A much deserved…bonding time between father and son.” He replied as he approached the table and purveyed the guns. He ran his fingers across the guns, humming to himself as he came to a decision. “Here we go…” He picked up a handgun, holding it in the air to examine it before he turned back to Ajay. “So, tell me Ajay. Have you ever fired a gun before?” Pagan asked, curious to know of what experience he had.
“No. No, I haven’t.” Ajay answered honestly.
“Well, It’s better to learn now than never…” Pagan said as he approached Ajay, handing the handgun to him. Ajay held the sleek handgun in his hand, feeling the weight of it. “…That is a Mark IV handgun. Consider it a welcome home present.” Pagan placed his left hand on Ajay’s shoulder and turned him around to face the targets. “Go on. Give it a try, and don’t worry. I will not judge you for aiming for the closest target.” Pagan said as he stepped back a few feet.
Ajay debated with himself of what to do next. In his hands was a handgun he could use to escape from Pagan and leave Kyrat. But he knew that he would be apprehended by the soldiers again if he tried anything. He ultimately decided to go along with Pagan’s plan, taking aim at one of the targets in the field. His pistol raised, his hand wobbled as it tried to aim at the bull’s-eye. He firmly pressed his finger against the trigger, firing a round at the target. The bullet flied to the target, striking it high and to the right of the bull’s-eye.
“Not bad for a first shot, but you are making a few mistakes.” Pagan said as he approached Ajay. “Your pose is too stiff. Don’t lock your back and arms…Keep your feet spread apart like this…”He posed himself to resemble what the proper form was supposed to look like. Ajay nodded before he changed his stance to match Pagan’s. He raised his pistol again to take aim at the same target. He pulled the trigger again, this time hitting closer to the bull’s-eye. “See? A noticeable improvement over your earlier shot.” Pagan congratulated Ajay, patting him on the back.
“So, Pagan…” Ajay began to say, before being interrupted by Pagan.
“Please Ajay. Call me ‘dad’, at least for my sake.” Pagan asked.
“Alright ‘dad’. Tell me, how did you meet my mother?” Ajay asked as he lowered his pistol, pointing it to the ground. Pagan sighed as he thought back to the first time he met Ishwari.
“It was when I first joined The Royalists against the current regime that controlled Kyrat that I saw your mother. She was…young and fierce. She was dedicated to the cause and wanted for order to be restored. There were so many different warring factions that wanted to control the region, but her presence in the Royalists kept me with that faction. When I took control of Kyrat, I lost sight of her.” Pagan explained before walking back to the gun covered table, picking up an assault rifle.
“After you took control of Kyrat, how did you two meet up again?” Ajay asked as he watched Pagan raise the rifle to take aim at one of the targets. He fired the rifle twice, hitting close to the bull’s-eye.
“So close…Ah, I’ll blame it on the wind.” Pagan commented as he saw where his bullets went. “To answer your question, your mother found her way to me. When the Golden Path was established to overthrow my rule, Mohan was adamant on not having women fight, despite Ishwari’s protests. So, he decided to have her spy on me instead…his own wife, having just given birth to you. He risked his own wife’s life just for some fucking information…” Pagan said in anger as he fired at the target again, hitting closer to the bull’s eye. “She eventually found her way working in my palace as one of the servants.”
“Did you immediately recognize her?” Ajay asked as he raised his pistol to shoot again. He fired twice at the target, his aim improved with each shot.
“I did. One of the guards was harassing her for spilling tea on his shirt. I stopped him from striking Ishwari. We spent the night talking about what happened to us following the Royalist uprising. She told me how she was…abandoned by Mohan after being impregnated with you. As I said, Mohan was a cunt. So, after some time, I offered my home to both Ishwari and you.” Pagan responded as he rose the rifle to rest against his shoulder.
“I see.” Ajay commented. One of the soldiers approached the two of them, holding a silver platter with two glasses and a tall bottle of alcohol. Pagan immediately takes one of the glasses before turning to Ajay.
“Ah…Thank you Vidur. Would you like a drink Ajay? It’s Macallan 1939, I have a few bottles in stock for special occasions such as this.” Pagan asked as the soldier approached Ajay with the platter.
“Sure…” Ajay answered hesitantly. He took the glass from the platter and held the cold glass in his free hand. Vidur backed away, giving them their peace. Pagan raised his glass, gesturing for Ajay to the same.
“To Ishwari…A wonderful woman who was the better of us. May she rest in peace.” Pagan toasted. They clinked the glasses together before they take a taste of the expensive alcohol. While Pagan let out a sigh of enjoyment from the toffee tasting whiskey, Ajay let out a cough at the taste, surprised at how strong it was.
“Strong isn’t it? It is an acquired taste for most, but I will tell you one thing…It will put hair on your chest.” Pagan said as he pat Ajay on the back, letting out a short lived laugh that followed. Ajay let out a light smile that Pagan was quick to notice. “See? There it is… I haven’t seen your smile since you were a young boy. I have to say, it’s beautiful.” Pagan complimented as he admired Ajay’s smile.
“Thanks.” Ajay replied.
“Sir!” One of the soldiers shouted at them, interrupting their good time. Pagan turned to reply to the soldier to ask what was going on that was important enough to interrupt them.
“What is it Girish?” Pagan asked in an annoyed tone of voice.
“Behind you!” Girish answered. Ajay and Pagan turned to see that from the wooded area behind them, a large Asian rhino was emerging. The soldiers raised their weapons to take aim at the beast.
“Holy shit…” Ajay said, unsure of how to react, dropping the whiskey. Pagan sat the glass down on the ground slowly.
“Ajay, listen to me carefully. Do not make any sudden movements…Rhinos are very near sighted and are quick to charge.” Pagan instructed as the rhino approached them. It stopped a few meters away from them to eat some of the tall grass. For a while, the rhino appeared to have no interest in any of the people around them. Pagan turned to Girish to call out to him.
“Girish. Make the call to get us alternative transportation.” He ordered Girish before facing Ajay. “Ajay. We need to get to the road. Follow me slowly.” Pagan told him, gesturing to the nearby road. Ajay nodded his head slowly, agreeing with him.
With their guns in hand, they began to make their way to the nearby road. Just as Girish finished making the call for transportation, but the radio made a loud hissing noise that stirred the attention of the rhino. It let out a grunt and ran its hoof across the ground, kicking up the dirt. Lowering its head, the prepared to charge at Ajay and Pagan.
“Shit!” Pagan shouted as he and Ajay aimed their weapons at the rhino. The grey skinned beast began its charge at them as the other soldiers opened fire. Though it has been hit several times, it continued to run towards them. Ajay and Pagan fire their guns at the beast as it approached, hoping to stop it.
“Look out!” Ajay cried as the two of them jumped to get out of the rhino’s path. Ajay found himself squatting in the shadow of the hulking beast as he tried to back away from it. Pagan was quick to return to his feet and take aim at the brute.
“Get the hell away…from my son!” Pagan shouted as he continued to fire his rifle at the rhino. The rhino turned to face Pagan and ran towards him. Ajay got back up and fired his pistol at the beast. Pagan weaved past the rhino, missing it by the smallest amount. Ajay, Pagan, and the soldiers continue to fire their weapons on the Rhino, hoping to end its rampage. After a while, the rhino slowed to a crawl, wobbling as it approached Pagan. It let out a final groan as it fell to the ground, a loud impacting sound filled the nearby air.
Ajay and Pagan let out exhausted breaths as they tried to calm themselves down from the skirmish. Pagan approached Ajay to check on him.
“You alright old boy?” Pagan asked as he pat him on the back.
“Yeah…I’m fine.” Ajay told him as he gathered his bearings.
“You did well…You held your own and stood your ground…” Pagan began to say. He looked down at his now dirtied clothes, disgusted at what had happened. This was the second outfit he had ruined that day from one mishap or another. “My clothes…fucking ruined by this…beast!” Pagan shouted as he firmly kicked the rhino on its underside, nearly hurting himself. The soldiers approach them to ensure that the two of them are alright. Pagan calmed himself down, slowly breathing to regain control. “Right, this was an unforeseeable mishap, but it could have been prevented. I want to know who was responsible for overseeing the patrol of the area. Come on, don’t be shy.” Pagan inquired, wanting to know who was responsible.
The five soldiers were quiet as none of them wanted to incite Pagan’s wrath. One of the soldiers stepped forward, ready to face any consequences. A man in his forties, he was stoic and strong. His uniform was covered in patches, commemorating his service for Pagan.
“Sir, I was in charge of securing the area for you.” The soldier told him, bowing his head as a sign of respect. Pagan looked at the man and scoffed at the notion.
“And you did a fine job of it. Real…fucking secure!” Pagan shouted, gesturing to the deceased rhino behind him.
“I apologize sir. We tried out best to ensure that there would not be any problems.” The soldier apologized, trying to defend himself after what happened.
“So, I guess you presumed that a two thousand pound rhino would not be a problem.” Pagan said in an eerily calm voice.
“No, sir…” Before the soldier could say anything else, Pagan raised his rifle up to the guard’s face.
“We nearly were nearly fucking killed, you twat!” Pagan shouted, his face becoming twisted with emotion. The other guards stand back, allowing Pagan to exhume his anger on the soldier. They were used to seeing Pagan get angry when things went wrong and knew it would be best not to interfere. But before he can pull the trigger, Ajay intervened.
“Whoa, hold up! It is not his fault that the rhino attacked us. Let him go…Dad, please.” Ajay pleaded to Pagan to stop. Pagan’s finger hovered over the trigger as he prepared to kill the soldier. Though at the last moment, he pulled the rifle down to the ground. He let out a sigh as he put his free hand to his head. Pagan turned to briefly face his son.
“If you say so Ajay…” Pagan said. He pivoted back to the soldier who is relieved, but still nervous for what could come next. “…I want you, to thank my son for…convincing me to let you live. Though, if there is one more mistake, I will not hesitate to have you killed. Do you understand?”
“I understand sir…” The soldier said quickly, nodding his head. He approached Ajay and bowed to thank him. “Thank you for allowing me to live.”
“It’s not a problem.” Ajay told him. The man raised himself up and went back to the soldiers behind them. Pagan placed his hand on Ajay’s shoulder, patting him twice.
“I think that it’s high time that we head back home…” Pagan stated. He turned to face one of the soldiers to issue him an order. “Prem, prepare the helicopter to take us back.”
“Understood sir.” Prem said immediately. He darted to the helicopter, climbing in and starting it. Pagan pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and turned it on.
“Girish. I think a moment like this is one that is best photographed. Would you kindly do us the honor?” Pagan asked, holding out the phone for Girish to use. The soldier agreed and grabbed the phone. He held it up to position it. “Come on Ajay, let’s pose in front of your first kill.”
Ajay nodded in agreement and walked with Pagan to the fallen beast. They both kneel down to the ground with their firearms positioned in front of them. Pagan wrapped his arm around Ajay’s neck to bring him closer.
“Alright, smile.” Girish asked. Both Ajay and Pagan let out a light smile for him, allowing him to take the photo. The phone made a shuttering noise as Girish took the photo. He approached Pagan to return the phone when he was finished.
“I will need to get this framed.” Pagan said after examining the photo’s quality. The helicopter whirred as the blades began to spin rapidly. “Come on, I think it is time we get some dinner. Shall we?” Pagan suggested, gesturing for Ajay to follow him. The two of them got on the helicopter, strapping themselves in to head home. Finally having caught his breath, Ajay began to speak about the recent event.
“That was intense.”
“Well, nothing in life will prepare you for a charging rhino.” Pagan commented.
“You never told me where you learned to shoot a gun.” Ajay remarked.
“That was a long time ago…” Pagan said as he thought back to all those years ago when he first shot a gun. “My father taught me how to fire a pistol when I was seven. He was a mid-level drug boss in the Sun Yee On, so naturally he brought me into the lifestyle at a young age.” He told Ajay. “But that is a story for another day.”
The helicopter continued its flight toward Pagan’s home as the sun began to set.

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