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Sources of Inspiration

I have been asked before ‘Where do you get these crazy ideas’ and ‘Where do you get your inspiration/ideas’ from people I know in my life, and the truth is inspiration can be found almost anywhere you look for it. Some find inspiration from a bottle, others a mind distorting substance, but I choose not to be one of those people.

Recently my ideas that I use for writing have come from various sources; news sources, past stories about topics (genetic engineering, social experiments), discussions I have had with people, and just weird thoughts that I share with people. I have also found inspiration for different concepts and ideas from a watching shifting clouds as I drive to watching creamer move in my coffee (Self Rorschach Tests).

When planning out how an area should look like or an event for a book, I try to find an area that is similar to what I am writing and try to replicate that area. I also use it to day dream what would happen if X was happening in front of me.

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, film maker, or writer, inspiration can be found anywhere you look for it.

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