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Updates on Current Projects

Due to several hectic events going on (Moving, Holidays, Family) I have had few opportunities to write something substantial. But, here is an quick update on how current projects are going.

The novel Dead Boys is currently progressing well as I am getting close to finishing chapter nine where the protagonists journey to the depths of Hell. Truthfully, there is an extensive amount of research that is required to write religious satire. The better of ways to write satire is to combine common viewpoints about subjects such as Angels having wings and combine it with historic information to create jokes based around it.

As for other projects, after much thought, I have decided to rewrite and re-release Titans: Awakening. Thinking back, there are things that I regret writing as well as things I wish I could have added.  It is going to be difficult, but it needs to be done.

Well, that is it for updates. Happy New Years!

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