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Thoughts about Twerking…

To paint a scene; I was getting a drink at the Luckie’s Tavern, loud dance music and people’s conversation fill the room. I have a cold glass of iced vodka in my hand and my phone in the other. After a short moment, the DJ called for women to come to the rather small dance stage┬áto dance. Before long, five women came to the stage and began to dance on stage, shaking and moving their bodies. Eventually, one or two of them began to shake their behinds in the commonly known act called ‘Twerking’. That is where my confusion began.

Twerking’s origin’s are possibly from New Orleans, where it is a combination of thrusting hip movements and a lowered stance. It can easily been seen in popular culture from Hip hop to R&B, to even television shows.

Here is why I am confused; In my opinion, it is just a woman shaking her ass repeatably. First of all, It is not focused on anyone. With a lot of dance moves used in a club environment, you are often getting the attention of a specific individual. However, with twerking, a woman is shaking it in a general direction. I don’t know who they are trying to attract; me? the guy next to me? the woman at the end of the bar? Who knows? There is no way to aim your twerking. The second thing that confuses the living hell out of me, how is it considered ‘sexy’? In theory, it could be interpreted as a mating dance of sorts, but again, I don’t understand how a large ass shaking can be considered sexy.

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