An Observation in Human Nature

Driving in Westminster, there is a small mall that lies nestled along the expanse of a lush green hill. Between that hill and the quaint mall, a single road circumferences it, with no turn offs on the east or west side. On the east side, a single stop sign resides. It sits there to warn people of oncoming traffic that will doesn’t come, and never will.

It’s a funny thing, human nature. People are more than willing to obey a sign that serves no purpose out of what can be presumed as ‘force of habit’. Everyone will repeat almost the exact same habits and actions on a daily basis from where they eat to what kind of music they listen to. It is almost sad that people don’t make it an effort to try different. So I would like to institute a challenge to anyone who reads this post. I want you to do something different with your routine. Take a different route to work, eat at a different restaurant for lunch, talk to a stranger. Just try something different, and you might actually enjoy it.


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