Need a Light?

They are being shown everywhere; on television, on the internet, and on the radio. Never ending streams of advertisements with one single message. The message that is flooding the airways is ‘Don’t Smoke’. But I have to stand against the use of mass advertising.

People know that smoking can be potentially bad for you, but nowadays what isn’t bad or unhealthy for you? Tap water has remnants of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, there is endless trans-fats in food, medicine has potentially dangerous side effects, and there are more than a thousand ways to get cancer from everyday products. But do you see a crusade against the fast food industry or the make-up industry? No, the primarily targeted industry is the tobacco industry.

Growing up and living in a rural community, a large portion of the population smokes cigarettes or chews tobacco. It is just an everyday part of life and just a means to reduce stress. It’s common knowledge that it could cause illness and health problems, but we chose to do it. I mean, there is such a thing as ‘Free Will’, meaning that we have a choice what we do with our bodies. If someone wants to smoke a pack a day, then they can smoke a pack a day. If someone doesn’t want to smoke, then they don’t have to smoke. Let people do what they want with their lives.

All I honestly want is the amount of advertising against the smoking reduced. It is getting rather tiresome to see the same F****** ads.

On a side note, a suggested tip for anyone who wants to quit without the use of nicotine gum, patches or e-cigs, a study has shown that playing video games (ex. Tetris) can help you quit by distracting you from the need (helped me a bit when I quit).


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